Ashford Castle – Ireland

When we think of Ireland, we tend to think of good beer, the witty and happy locals, and the lush green landscape with castles, like something out of a fairy tale. And, if you know me, you’ll know that I love castles with their charming medieval architecture and breathtaking gardens. For my birthday and babymoon, my husband and I were treated to stay at some of the best castles in Ireland. Thus our grand adventure begins with Ashford Castle, a stunning and majestic place where magical meets luxury. 

Anthropologie in Palo Alto – Retail Therapy

Now, it’s good to point out that I’m not a shopaholic, I don’t know tons about clothes brands or follow the latest fashion trends. However, I do appreciate good quality clothes, and I do love when I enter a very welcoming and friendly store that simply inspires me.

Today’s post is about that – lifestyle and inspiration – the new Anthropologie store in Palo Alto.