You know those places that are such a photographic spot, that all locals adore, that is a hit on Instagram and that you can’t miss. Since the moment I got to know about the Cypress Tree Tunnel of Point Reyes, I was determined to visit this place. So, my husband and I set out for an adventurous day and headed to Point Reyes National Seashore. Our stops: Cypress Tree Tunnel (Yeayyy), Point Reyes Lighthouse, Shipwrecks and Saltwater Oyster Depot for dinner.

Monterey Cypress Tree Tunnel

45 miles north of San Francisco, our first stop was the Monterey Cypress Tree Tunnel in Inverness. This is a row of enormous cypress trees that together form a beautiful tree tunnel, creating a stunning location for photographs. So, if you like taking pictures or are looking for some peace and quiet, this is your spot. The Monterey Cypress Tree Tunnel is quite secluded and it’s not crowded (at least not when we were there). However, if you don’t want much company, I’d definitely recommend heading there on a weekday.

Also, at the end of the tree tunnel, you will find the historic RCA/Marconi Station. Unfortunately, it wasn’t open when we were there.

How To Get To Cypress Tree Tunnel

As you drive in the direction of the lighthouse (I found that using the Lighthouse as a reference point really helped), the cypress tree tunnel is located on your right, about 15 minutes before the lighthouse. The trees are literally by the side of the highway so it is hard to miss.

Another way to get directions. On google maps, search for “KPH Radio Station”.

Click Here to view Cypress Tree Tunnel precise location on Google map.


There is a small parking lot at the end of the tree tunnel, by the historic RCA/Marconi Station.

Point Reyes Lighthouse

From the Cypress Tree Tunnel to the Lighthouse the views get better and better. You are met with winding roads of pasture farms, stunning countryside and coastline views, wildflowers and a fresh fresh breeze. Once at the Lighthouse, there is a small parking area, followed by a little road that leads you to the viewing area. The views of the whole coastline are breathtaking.

NOTE: The wind at the lighthouse is very strong, so don’t forget to bring a nice winter jacket, even if you visit in the summer.

How To Get To Point Reyes Lighthouse

Click Here to view Point Reyes Lighthouse precise location on Google map.

Inverness Shipwreck

Now heading back (south towards Inverness), our third stop of the day was at the iconic shipwreck on the shore of Tamales Bay. Although the shipwreck is quite well known among locals, I have to admit I had no idea about it. We found this hidden gem/shipwreck completely by surprise (lucky day!). The wreck is nestled behind some small shops and a parking lot, and can be easily missed. My husband and I literally parked there to grab dinner at Saltwater Oyster Depot. when we saw a few photo shoots taking place. We then looked to the left, there it was.. Inverness Shipwreck. I immediately run there with excitement to take some photos! Such a beautiful spot that, if in the area, you should definitely visit!

How To Get To Inverness Shipwreck

Click Here to view Inverness Shipwreck precise location on Google map.

Where to eat – Saltwater Oyster Depot

Saltwater Oyster Depot is literally across the road from Inverness Shipwreck. Thus, another reason why you should stop in this charming little town.

Now, I usually don’t write much about food, but this place well deserved to be mentioned. Saltwater Oyster Depot is famous for oysters and good wine! Since I’m not an oyster eater, I ended up ordering Duck Pâté and Tuna salad. Both dishes were delicious, and we couldn’t stop bragging about it. I expect the oysters must also be great at this place.

Final notes – a feeling of being in Scotland

I highly recommend you make the trip out to Point Reyes National Seashore and explore the surroundings. The countryside is beautiful and reminded me so much of Scotland (who would have though?). The hilly mountains, the green landscapes, the ponds, and the very very strong coastal winds (especially at the Lighthouse). It was a strange feeling, like being in Scotland but with nicer California weather. As people say, California has everything. I’m starting to agree with that!

I went to Point Reyes National Seashore for a day only, and I wished I had stayed longer. I’m definitely going back there, and next time I hope to experience some of the amazing hikes in the area.

Hope you like the post! Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments. ♥

Xoxo J’P


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